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Introducing AskAILA, Malaysia’s first artificial legal assistant: an AI that specializes in labor law

As countless businesses struggle for survival due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, many in Malaysia’s workforce continue to face rising unemployment rates, pay cuts and delayed salaries. To make matters worse, there are those who have lost their livelihoods due to wrongful terminations, giving rise to stressful and time-consuming employment disputes nationwide. Jumping into the fray, Shang & Co developed AskAILA

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Malaysian law firm launches low-cost labor law AI

Billed as the first such service in Malaysia, the AskAILA application was developed by Shang & Co to supplement the services of its employment law team, and has been made available to corporate and individual users.

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AskAILA is an AI-based virtual legal advisor, but it can’t replace a lawyer

Still, technology has undeniably played its part in helping everyone get through the pandemic (and subsequent restrictions), and AskAILA is the latest digital product that aims to help employers and employees in Malaysia. Shang & Co, a Malaysian law firm that specialises in employment law, says 

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Shang & Co. introduces Malaysia’s first AI assistant specialising in labor law

Shang & Co has developed AskAILA, the nation’s first artificial legal assistant that aims to provide employers and employees with accessible legal advice at a fraction of the cost of legal advice from that of a law firm.

AskAILA is an AI-driven software application that is trained and fitted with Malaysian Labour Law and regulations that are sufficient to support Malaysian human resources and employers. 

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Introducing AskAILA, Malaysia’s First Artificial Legal Assistant: An AI That Specializes in Labor Law

AskAILA is a software application powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) that is trained and equipped with Malaysia Labour Law and regulations sufficient to support Human Resources and Employers in Malaysia. Its main purpose is to provide adequate assistance to users in need of legal advice. The software is currently used to supplement Shang & Co.’s team of lawyers

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