Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access to askAILA?

askAILA access is only available for users who have successfully subscribed to askAILA plan at . Once your account has been activated, you may access to askAILA in the login page on menu.

Does askAILA offer free trial?

askAILA does not offer any free trial. You may visit askAILA website for demo to explore the exciting feature of askAILA.

How do I upgrade my current subscribed plan?

You are not able to upgrade your plan after subscription.

Is askAILA able to answer all my employment related queries?

If you have queries that askAILA is not able to assist, your issue will be escalated to our professional legal team.

Can I terminate my subscribed plan and get refund?

askAILA subscriptions are non-refundable. askAILA will not prorate any fees paid for a subscription that is terminated before the end of its term. For more information about the terms and conditions, please click here.

How can I claim my complimentary services in the plan?

You may contact our legal team through the login page or email We will schedule a meeting for further assessment or training, depending on the plan which you have subscribed.