Benefits of Workplace Policy

Workplace policy is a set of statements and guidelines that outline an organization’s day-to-day operations and the management of Human Resources issues in a workplace. Many employers, mostly SMEs, often overlook the importance of a workplace policy.


1. Increases the Productivity and Efficiency of Employees

One of the most significant benefits that workplace policies give to an organization is to increase its employee’s productivity and efficiency. This would mean that an organization may set certain guidelines for employees in executing their tasks, such as how to deal with customers in different situations. Another form of example would be to give clear guidelines on how employees can work from home.

2. Enable Compliance of Employees

Implementing a workplace policy improves employees' compliance as the conduct and behavior of employees expected by an organization are delivered through a workplace policy. Such conduct may include the usage of facilities, attendance, and other specific conducts expected to ensure the smooth running of a workplace.


3. Eases the Handling of HR Issues

An organization with workplace policies implemented would be able to deal with ease on HR issues such as attendance, leaves, or even disciplinary issues. If such written policies are not in place, it will result in unnecessary time and effort being spent by employees and the management trying to agree on a certain standard or at worst, employees are caught off-guard with rules that employers intended to lay down. A well-implemented policy would mean that employees are expected to comply. HR would be seen to enforce the workplace policies consistently without any personal judgment or biases. Such circumstance is to ensure a fair workplace.

legal compliance.png

4. Ensure Legal Compliance

Workplace Policies are implemented to reflect the vision and mission of an organization and at the same time to ensure that such policies are in line with the regulations and laws in Malaysia. Hence, HR would not need to worry when a particular action is to be taken against an employee as long as the policies are followed.

5. Building A Solid Legal Defence

A proper and fair workplace policy places the employers in a safer position whenever there are disputes such as unlawful termination. When this happens, one of the most useful documents that can support the employers’ case will be a copy of the workplace policies to show that the employer exercises termination fairly without any biases following the workplace policies.

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