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that can be avoided to save damages and losses to both employers and employees

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to guide and answer your employment related queries effectively to minimize errors

HRs Sample Documents & Checklists

to eliminate errors &

non-compliance resulted from documentations which can be prevented to save litigation cost & damages

as many unfair dismissal claims root from non-compliance of employers which may be prevented by proper documentation


Support from Legal Team

AILA is trained to assist users together with our experienced legal team by providing the most efficient solutions in the fastest time

Not only the businesses are able to benefit from the legal services rendered but with only a small fraction of fixed fee from RM268/month

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Other Benefits

Get more cost-effective legal services with our yearly subscription from RM268/month:-

  • Advisory

  • Vetting, Reviewing & Drafting of Employment & Commercial Contracts

  • Legal Compliance

  • Representation
    ... and other